Articles by Eduardo Eduardo

Eduardo is a contributing editor and senior international correspondent to Open for Business. Eduardo's background includes studies in theology and law; he also has a great appreciation for Renaissance sacred music. He resides with his wife, Gloria, in Asunción, Paraguay (South America).

Stopping Jerks from Abusing the Church

By Eduardo Eduardo | Feb 3, 2010 at 20:09

In my last piece, I examined how there is a species of creature known as the jerk, someone inclined to grab power at organizations with no regard to the cost meted out to other people. Churches, unfortunately, are often the targets of these people. In this essay, I want to consider historical approaches to balancing power in the church and how they may grant insight into protecting churches from jerks.

When Jerks Abuse an Organization

By Eduardo Eduardo | Jan 15, 2010 at 14:58

When I read the article by our Editor-in-Chief, “The Hidden Danger of Peacemakers,” the other day, the dreadful actions that were told in the article sounded eerily familiar to me. I am not acquainted with the Peacemakers (they are not active, or so it seems, in my home country of Paraguay); but the actions depicted reflect the almost uniform sorts of behavior that appear when jerks — that kind of person that has no trouble abusing others as long as he or she can seek their stated goal — take control of an organization.

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